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In response to my racial insensitivy alligations, I have prepared this press release to give a better perspective of myself.

Press Release

I am an empath. That means I am sensitive to the people around me. It also means I don’t do well with “bullies”. I’m not gay. But I do see them getting bullied, so my instinct is to stand with them. I don’t exactly know what they go through, but I can imagine. I don’t think anyone should go through that alone. The abandonment or the disowning by family members, and/or “friends”, all because they love someone. I am not a woman. Though I may not be able to completely grasp what they go through, I stand by them. I stand by the fact that they deserve a choice to what they do with their body, just like every man deserves, yet has that right to do with his as he likes. I am not Mexican, or of Latinx descent, but I can grasp the struggles a lot of them go through, and understand the pain and anger a lot of them lash out with. Finally, I am not White. However, I do recognize the ones that stand with us, and have always stood next to us in this fight for equality. The uncelebrated heroes that died in the name of equality and helped make it possible for us to get to where we are today.

Viola Gregg Liuzzo, a housewife and mother from Detroit, drove alone to Alabama to help with the Selma march after seeing televised reports of the attack at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. She was ferrying marchers between Selma and Montgomery when she was shot and killed by a Klansmen in a passing car. She was also the first to perish for fighting for what was right. There was also people like Vernon Ferdinand Dahmer, Jonathan Daniels, Reverend James Reeb, and Johnnie Chappell, to name a few. They too were empaths, and feeling our pain, our injustice, they gave their lives. I, for one, appreciate and honor their sacrifice. I respect it, and quite frankly, I could see myself doing the same.

James Baldwin said it best: “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious, is to be in a rage almost all the time”. I’m conscious. I wouldn’t say I am in a “rage”, but I understand it may come off that way. As a Black man, I don’t have to “imagine” the plight my people have. And if I choose to fight along the sides of all these other groups, it would be inconceivable to not go all in for my own. My goal, is simply to teach, and open the eyes of my people, and the other groups that are open enough to listen….and not just “hear”.

So please, don’t confuse my enlightenment with hate. My hatred is reserved for those who hate for nothing more than the fact another group is “different”. At the same time, I am finding that, if a bully “bullies”, and the bullied speaks on his or hers bullied situation, the bullied is seen as “a bully”. Now, replace the word “bully” with “racist”.

There is no apology for things I have said, but I believe some needed an explanation for clarity. With that being said, I will hold back on those feelings and expressions not to damage the brand of my friend, my brother, Tony A, Da' Wizard. I too would like to bring people together, and if we can blindly enjoy one another’s company in this beautiful culture of hip-hop, I am all for it, and wish not to disrupt that with my political or civil thoughts and actions. Thank you for your time.
Doc Nasdee

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