Welcome to the OFFICIAL realm of that west coast crew/company, II Phaced! "II Phaced" is the acrynom for "Two People Here Always Chasing Every Dream (and sometimes "every dollar"). If you didn't know, II Phaced is a duo (Doc Nasdee & DJ Pauly Pau); crew and a company (both management, and production), but NOT an individual. Their focus, is to make timeless hip-hop with essence; the kind one doesn't hear made any more. The passion, the feelings, the guts, seem to be gone nowadays and replaced with just random chants, and no emotion that strikes home. Nothing is relateable. Everything is drugs, bragging about money, or the amount of work you put in. II Phaced, on the other hand, is a hybrid of old and new school. I'd like to think we take a little from the best of both worlds.

II Phaced was originally founded in the winter of 2011 by Doc Nasdee and the original DJ, DJ Swindle. It was initially, just a DJ deal Swindle got from a former co-worker at G-Unit Records, Sha Money XL, who later became vice president of Def Jam Recordings. Sha Money wanted to create a westcoast "DJ Khalid" type of situation. Once Swindle was asked if he could rap. Swindle brought Doc Nasdee into the fold. It was then, Doc came up with the name "II Phaced".

DJ Swindle eventually left the group due to personal reasons, and slid on into the "management" chair. Not long after that transition, they parted way with Def Jam. During this time, the group name "II Phaced" was already begining to become a brand, so Doc Nasdee decided to incorporate it, and also use it as a crew name, that he would later build with other individuals.

From day one, Doc Nasdee invisioned a group, not an individual, so he never promoted himself as "Doc Nasdee", but the group - even though he was without a DJ. He still wanted to be "hip-hop". He wanted a DJ he could bring to the for-front and have the DJ be equally as important. The whole idea of a rapper and a DJ working a crowd at live performances was over-whelming. He was a student of that; he loved that! THAT is what he wanted to be apart of.

During the downtime, Doc found himself not in the studio as often. He reflected back on most of the other songs and felt most were rushed trying to meet a deadline the label looked as though they weren't planning to honor, anyway. So he took this time to think, and focus on what he wanted long term. He's always wanted more than just rapping. So he decided to do something no one else has done before. He decided to set the platform for a brand before hitting the streets with the music. The easy part is booking shows and performing all over locally. Artist have been doing it for years. The problem is, most get stuck there. So he decided to do the hard part first, and that is promote and establish II Phaced as a business - as a brand.

With a new motivation, Doc began to produce himself, then later record himself. He initially took on ever role alone, until it got to be too much; so it took it back to his roots. He reached out to the DJ he knew he could always depend on; the one that was there even before the Def Jam thing; The Slut on The Cut DJ Gilly-Gill. Things finally felt right. The history, the chemistry, the trust factor, was still there like there hasn't been any years of separation.

Doc Nasdee & Gilly-Gill are about to change the game. With an "against the grain" mentality, II Phaced is bound to stand out and for apart from all you hear nowadays. No disrespect to anyone else, but II Phaced doesn't follow trends, they more focused on creating them.